See How Easily You Can Control People Using Conversational Hypnosis

The very first time I came to know of the Underground Hypnosis course by Taylor Starr was when I was searching on Google for online verbal hypnosis program. There was a small advertisement on the right column the web site. Out of curiosity, I decided to check out it.

In his hypnosis learning course, Taylor Starr aims at uncovering the supposedly unsafe yet very helpful undisclosed tricks of Underground Hypnosis. According to Taylor Starr, a military black-ops program was proficient in these aspects of hypnotism and had developed a program using these secrets of hypnotism to gain access to secret and protected zones. They would persuade people, without their knowledge, by controlling their mind by Jedi mind trick, to bid for the black ops agents.

The Underground Hypnosis techniques are supposed to be discovered by some undisclosed societies. Starr had confessed that he had always been passionate about hypnotism and is obsessed with it. The rubbish concepts of hypnotism available all over the internet were frustrating.

An opportunity to reveal some undisclosed secret of hypnotism had always lured him and he could not let go any such opportunity. Hence when he got a chance to meet the black-ops hypnosis leaders he was delighted to accept it as it would give him an opportunity to learn their secret tricks directly from them.

But once he went deep into the underground hypnosis secret programs, he found it frightful – as frightful as death. Taylor Starr has stated that he knew a man who was a member of underground secret society group and could help him meeting “The Triad” – the “unholy trinity” so that he can get access to the Underground Hypnosis black ops program and meet the members of the secret society.

Starr further says that he was writing an email to the person he knew requesting to get introduced to the contact person. To his surprise, even before he had completed his email, he received an email from the contact person.

His name was Willow. This person claimed that he had already hypnotized Starr, and whatever Starr is doing is doing under the influence and as directed by him. Starr was hypnotized by email!

Starr claims to have learnt one such Underground Hypnosis techniques called the “Iron Man”. He had to go through an extremely difficult and unpleasant time to learn the skill from “The Triad”.

Using this skill of secret hypnosis techniques one finds himself in an extremely commanding and convincing position. So much so that others get besieged and are bound to bid for him.

Another Underground Hypnosis technique is the Black Mirror. With the help of this technique you can charismatically impress even those people who had a strong hatred for you. This way you start influencing and controlling people and make friends. They open up and be truthful to you.

But the most crucial Jedi mind-trick of the Underground Hypnosis techniques is the “No Cleaver”. According to Starr it should be prohibited. He learnt this trick from the highest ranked member of the Triad.

In this technique a person is hypnotized during an apparent straightforward conversation with the hypnotizer. The hypnotized person starts believing that whatever the hypnotizer is telling and doing is true and correct beyond doubt.

Taylor Starr believes that he has now penetrated deep into the world of the underground hypnosis. He has also met the person called the Trader, who probably is the weirdest person on the earth. But his techniques may be used for the betterment of many aspect of human’s life – : financial, sexual or even power and self-confidence.

You may buy these secrets from Taylor; he reserves the right of sell. The price may be going up from today, whatever may be the date today, which appears by magic on his splash page. But you have to be careful to not share the secrets with anyone.

Taylor warns these tricks are similar to dangerous weapons that can cause mass destruction, if used with wrong intention by wrong people. It is difficult to ascertain whether the claims made by Taylor are real or fake. May be it is just a hypnotic income earning trick by Taylor by selling void words – it is difficult to judge.

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